Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Sturgeon may well be the oldest animal on earth. Some scientists believe that they were swimming in the world’s oceans when dinosaurs were still roaming the land. We know that these fish can live up to 100 years, and some of them can grow to more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) long!

For years, surgeons have been fished for their exquisite flavor, but today they are more known for their roe. Out of the 27 species of sturgeon, only 3 are used to produce most commercial caviar, and Russian osetra is one of them.

Caviar is a food that has been enjoyed for centuries from the Greeks to the Russian empire. During the Tzars’ time, caviar became a more usual food rather than an expensive delicacy. Buy caviar online represents luxury and status, but now you can eat like a tzar without spending a crazy amount of money. 

If you are in Miami and looking for new culinary experiences, Osetra Caviar is the answer. 

Russian osetra caviar is on the list of most popular caviar in the world, not only because of its tasty flavor but also because of its long history as food from the Russian royalty.


A tzars food 

Russian osetra caviar has been all the rage with the Russian aristocracy. It is said that Tsar Peter the Great enjoyed this exquisite food so much that he had his private supply of sturgeon roe delivered to him regularly.

This exquisite delicacy was so popular that it ended up on the price list as one of the most expensive foods in Russia. 

As osetra caviar became popular in Russia, it also gained popularity among all European continents. Most Russian drinks, such as vodka and —Āaviar, pair exceptionally well with each other. These drinks enhance the subtle flavors of the roe to create a luxurious experience. 

In the United States, Russian osetra caviar has become a trendy food. It is easily available at many fine restaurants and kitchens in Miami. 


Sturgeon: a royal fish

Maybe it sounds crazy to say that a fish can be part of the royalty. But, under the law of the United Kingdom, surgeons and whales are royal fish. Caviar was so popular that Edward II decreed that surgeons are royal fish, which means that all sturgeons belong to the England royalty. Queen Elizabeth II still holds this law.

As weird as it should, by law, any fisherman that catches a sturgeon on the British coast belongs to the king or queen. If the fisherman wants to keep it, they first have to ask the queen as a gesture of loyalty to the crow.

Sturgeons were and still are such a desired fish to create delicious and exquisite dishes. These species are known worldwide for producing quality caviar, but do you know how it is made?


But, how is Russian osetra caviar made?

We have learned a lot about the history and production of the fish that produces this delicious roe, but is it made? It is important to note that surgeons’ roe or caviar goes through some steps before getting the fish to the table.

Caviar is made of fish eggs known in the world as “roe” or “caviar.” The roe is produced by sturgeon. You can only catch sturgeon in the freshwater of the rivers and oceans. There are many types of sturgeon, but only a few varieties are used to produce real caviar.

You can prepare caviar in different ways. The most common way to manufacture is called the “silovye-selenite” process. There are two types of “silovao”-roseenoe process: with salt and without salt. This choice depends on what kind of fish produces the roe. 

In most cases, the fish are caught mainly in the Caspian and Black Seas.  The fish are first separated from their eggs. After being cleaned, the fish are prepared for salting. In this process, the dishes are washed off sand and other impurities. You must clean the fish thoroughly by washing with water and rinsing carefully.

Caviar is a susceptible product. It can be damaged or spoiled by many factors. For example, the fish can be damaged during the preparation process and lose the natural flavors. This is why its preparation has to be done carefully to produce quality osetra caviar.


Where is produced?

Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan are the world’s largest producers of caviar. These countries are also some of the world’s largest producers of dried sturgeon roe. The caviar is most widely known for its use in savory foods, but it is also used in gourmet candy, white chocolate, and other confectioneries.


What makes Russian osetra caviar so popular?

Russian osetra caviar comes in tiny black pearls. Its unique flavor and texture have made it such a popular delicacy now and since many centuries ago. 

When you first try, you may not exactly describe what It tastes like, what people love about osetra caviar. You can eat it in many ways and still have a unique flavor that makes you want to keep eating it.

It is darker in taste, smaller in size, and has a more intense flavor than salinity. It has been a delicacy that every food lover needs to try. Even the royalty from Russia used to eat caviar.


Caviar may be one of the oldest delicacies. One of the things that make it so popular is that before, it was only aristocratic food. But now it is hard to find, and you can get it at your local restaurant, and even though there are many Caviar shops in Miami, you can get a variety of caviar. So, if you want to eat like a tzar, you should try osetra caviar. 

If you’re a caviar lover or are interested in trying this royal fish, you don’t need to go to Europe or Russia to get quality Osetra Caviar. There are many local options in Miami, such as Bester Caviar. Whether you are looking for specific caviar or a variety of caviar such as Siberian or escargot caviar, you will find all your feed in one place!