Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
Chef Jobs

Chef Jobs – Know the Options Available to You : When you hear the word “chef”, what image comes to mind? Most people associate the word with fine dining and French sauce. Usually, the image of a chef comes with a large chef’s hat perched on his head. This is by far the most common image people imagine whenever they think of a chef.

Along with this image comes a certain level of respect. Needless to say, this is the most popular career in the culinary industry. In fact, almost everyone who takes a culinary arts degree intends to pursue a career as a chef. As expected, there are thousands of culinary schools around the world. With the increasing popularity of this profession, many chef jobs have also sprung up.

Chef Jobs Only Available to Real Chefs

Today, there are various chef jobs waiting for culinary students. There are positions that benefit people who have a culinary degree or who have previously worked as chefs. Yes, even though the position is not actually a position related to cooking, the chef is still favored. There are many chefs who are pursuing a position like this. Who can blame them? The pay is often better.

Chefs have graced many kitchens, both public and private, for centuries now. Over the years, this profession has attained a certain prestige that successful chefs really enjoy. Many work in restaurants, resorts, hotels and private homes.

However, it is not easy to become a chef. There is a lot of hard work, training and study involved. In fact, being a successful chef can be exhausting. You have to start from the bottom. In fact, before you can choose between a variety of high-paying chef jobs, you’ll need to get certified as a chef and undergo culinary training.

Before you can call yourself a chef, you have to work hard. You may be required to work on weekends and holidays. Yes, it’s really tiring work. You have to start from the bottom to reach the top. Before you can become a chef, you have to give your dues. The benefits and variety of chef jobs come once you reach the top of the ladder.

You may have to start out as a prep cook. You may have to spend a lot of time peeling squares, chopping onions, chopping potatoes, grating cheese, and peeling potatoes. From this position, you can be promoted to the position of Line Cook or Garde Manger. Eventually, you may find yourself climbing the culinary ladder.

You will become a Sous Chef and then an Assistant Chief Chef and finally an executive chef. Once you reach the top position, you will find some high paying chef jobs waiting for you. You can then choose.

Choose from Multiple Chef Jobs

If you are considering a culinary career, there are actually several chef jobs to choose from. Some positions may not pay well while some may actually make you rich. There are various options. Some of these options are discussed below.

Short Order Chefs

Unfortunately, if you are working in short-order restaurants, you may not necessarily be called a chef. The term has always been associated with fine dining, haute cuisine, fancy sauces and crème brulee. Short order chefs are often referred to simply as cooks. They create your typical French toast, breaded fish and eggs Benedict. Usually, you will find them working in diners and mid-grade establishments.

This is not actually a very prestigious job, but you take what you can get. However, this is a great way to learn how to run a kitchen. Don’t’ turn your nose up on being a cook. Rachel Ray started out as a local grocery store cooking demonstrator and look where she is now!

Haute Cuisine Chefs

If you decide to pursue a culinary education or undergo an apprenticeship training, you will likely end up working in haute cuisine restaurants and cooking fancy dishes. People who cook pricey meals or dishes are the ones who are often called chefs. Many of them work in mid-grade establishments and first-class restaurants.

Your degree of control varies depending on where you work and their policies. Of course, your specialization also plays a role. Large fine dining restaurants often have an army of chefs with varying specializations working for them and all of these chefs answer to the Executive Chef or Head Chef.

There are still other chef jobs that you can pursue. You can set up your own pastry shop. You may be a chef but you will also be called a baker. You can also set up your own catering business. You may be a chef but you will also be a caterer as well.

You can also work as a nutritionist or a dietitian if you want. There are numerous chef jobs that you can choose from. All you need to do is to get the necessary education, training, experience, attitude and passion and you would be all set.