Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
Food Network Overview

Food Network Overview : The Food Network, founded in 1993, airs episodes and specials that revolve around food and cooking. It is very popular, seen by more than 90 million households. It is also available in several international countries thanks to satellite TV.

The Food Network is divided into two main areas, the in the Kitchen and the at Night.

Food Network in the Kitchen
” Broadcast on weekday afternoons and weekend mornings
” Displays an instructional cooking program

Evening Food Network
“History and knowledge of food
“Travel program
“Cooking competition
“Entertainment program

The Food Network features well-known personalities hosting programs in both areas, including Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Alton Brown, Tyler Florence Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay. Several special programs show these personalities presenting food concepts while working on vacation or working together on themed events.

Iron Chef

One of the favorites that aired on The Food Network was Iron Chef of America. It is a series based on Iron Chef from Fuji Television Japan. It is based on the concept of a game show where in each new episode a new chef challenges one of the resident chefs in an hour-long culinary battle using theme ingredients. Batali and Flay are often competitors, along with Cat Cora, the only female Iron Chef.

Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray has gained a huge following for her 30 Minute Meals and $40 a Day programs. In each episode of $40 a Day, Ray takes a mini vacation to an American or European city with $40 in his pocket to spend on food. She talks to locals everywhere she goes and gets recommendations for places to get 3 great meals and an after-dinner snack on her small budget.

Eat well

Alton Brown entertains his Good Eats audience with a mix of science, cuisine and humor. Brown has been compared to the likes of the science educator, Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye as he explores the science behind the culinary arts. The program, which can be watched via satellite tv service, also focuses on selecting the best equipment and inexpensive equipment to get the maximum cooking experience.

Satellite television
Without the invention of satellite television, Food Networks would be much less popular than it is today and thanks to satellite TV viewers from all over the world could see The Food Network.